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Working on the Leading in Your Volunteer Organization project made me reflect on the time I’ve spent serving as an officer of the Bell Noontime club for the past year. I remembered how surprised I was when one of last year’s officers asked me to consider serving as the VP of Membership. I still felt [Read More]

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The Eyes Have It!

A study headed by Stephen Janik and Rodney Wellens at the University of Miami in Florida found that 43 percent of the attention we focus on someone is devoted to their eyes, with the mouth running a poor second at 13 percent. The mouth and the eyes together account for 56 percent of our attention.

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Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

Contents Toastmaster Topicsmaster General Evaluator Evaluator Timer Ah-Counter Grammarian Toastmaster The Toastmaster coordinates the meeting agenda in advance and hosts a large portion of the meeting. The Toastmaster should strive to excite the audience and motivate all to actively listen and participate. The Toastmaster creates an atmosphere of interest, expectation, and receptivity. Before the Meeting

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