Poetic Table Topics

We celebrated National Poetry Month on April 13, with poetry so calming we all felt serene.  For Table Topics, we all got good news. People had 2 options from which to choose! The Table Topics Master read lines from a poet – the participant didn’t have to know it. For 1 to 2 minutes, they just had to be real and tell us how it made them feel OR if figuring that out would take too much time, they could introduce themselves with rhyme!

Here are some of the poems we used; we all stayed awake – nobody snoozed!

If ever there were a spring day so perfect, so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze that it made you want to throw open all the windows in the house – Billy Collins – Today

Maybe it’s just me,  but it sounds quite absurd to have letters in words That are seen but not heard. Seen But Not Heard – Geoff Weilert

I think that I shall never see a tax form plain enough for me. A form that I can understand without a lawyer near at hand. To guide this poor benighted me so I won’t owe a penalty. – Tax Forms (anonymous)

When I was ignorant and small I used to have great fun all day. But now that I am wise and tall I must pretend I never play; The Scholar- by Annette Wynne

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