Bell Noontime Evening Meeting

Wednesday February 15, 2023

Club Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


Ksenia Plekhanova

VP of Education
Maryruth Dilling, DTM

VP of Membership
Eloise Young

Oleg Labkovsky

Eloise Young

Sgt. at Arms
Myra Carter

Eloise Young

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7:00 to 7:02 PM

President calls the meeting to order. Welcomes guests and introduces Toastmaster.

7:02 to 7:07 PM
Toastmaster of the Day Eloise Young
Ah Counter
7:07 to 7:28 PM
Speaker 1 Maryruth Dilling, DTM
Persuasive Influence Level 5 Demonstrating Expertise
Disparity in the Health System
Speaker 2 Watta Kesselly
Motivational Strategies Level 3 Increasing Knowledge – Creating Effective Visual Aids
5 – 7 minutes
Black Joy

I live a life of service. I am an advocate of education, mental health, and healthy eating. I currently serve as a program supervisor at Devereux advanced behavioral health. My extensive experiences in the behavioral health field have deepened my understanding of human behavior, ethics, trauma, disabilities, and mental health diagnosis. Through rigorous training at Temple University school psychology program, my understanding of these key areas is being challenged and enhanced. My deepest desire is to create community and uplift others through my experiences and knowledge acquired.

 Fun fact: I love to dance and personally think I am a great cook!

Speaker 3

Speakers have reserved 14 minutes out of 21 planned

7:28 to 7:43 PM
Table Topics Watta Kesselly
7:43 to 7:47 PM
General Evaluator
7:47 to 7:57 PM
Evaluator 1
Evaluator 2
Evaluator 3
7:57 to 8:00 PM

President: Old/new business, guest comments, close meeting

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