Bell Noontime Noon Meeting

Wednesday April 20, 2022

Club Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


Ksenia Plekhanova

VP of Education
Maryruth Dilling, DTM

VP of Membership
Eloise Young

Oleg Labkovsky

Eloise Young

Sgt. at Arms
Myra Carter

Eloise Young

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Meeting ID: 264 138 1262  Passcode: 12005 

12:00 to 12:05 PM

President Calls Meeting to Order. Welcomes Guests introduces Toastmaster

12:05 to 12:10 PM
Toastmaster of the Day Sara Gao, DTM
Ah Counter Myra Carter
Grammarian John Eppinger
12:10 to 12:25 PM
Speaker 1 Eloise Young
Presentation Mastery Level 4 Building Skills – Managing a Difficult Audience
10 – 15 minutes
Deferred Dreams

Most people think of retirement planning as a financial exercise, but Eloise decided that she also needed to set some new goals for herself. Since retiring, she has been helping a few very small nonprofits raise badly-needed funds. Feeling comfortable speaking in public, especially off-the-cuff, is an important part of that process. She joined Toastmasters in November of 2020 to help her do just that!

Speaker 2 Colleen McArdle
– Ice Breaker
4 – 6 minutes
Post-College Crisis
Speaker 3 Not Available
Visionary Communication Level 3 Increasing Knowledge

Speakers have reserved 21 minutes out of 15 planned

12:25 to 12:40 PM
Table Topics Jacqui Sadashige
12:40 to 12:44 PM
General Evaluator
12:44 to 12:52 PM
Evaluator 1 Lisa Lord Edmonds
Evaluator 2 Diana Chang
Evaluator 3 Not Available

General Evaluator’s Summary: Rounds out this portion of the meeting by giving an overall evaluation, 2-3 minutes. General Evaluator should aim ONLY to add any new insights, not re-evaluate speakers or repeat information covered by others. Anyone can give feedback to speakers through this online form:          

12:52 to 1:00 PM

President: Old/new business, guest comments, close meeting

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